Tonka Vodka

It’s personal – Why Cancer sucks for us.

Tonka Vodka is owned by two local families; Chad & Anne and Todd & Becca. We had been looking for something to tithe to and had been evaluating a lot of different charities. During this time, Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2022. After hearing this news, it brought cancer to the forefront in our lives again. Cancer affects so many people and has affected Chad’s family many times. Chad’s great grandma and grandma passed away from ovarian cancer. His Grandpa Gene had melanoma. His mom, Joyce, has had breast cancer and melanoma cancer. His Aunt Eileen, Aunt Leann, and Aunt Janet all have battled breast cancer and Leann has faced it twice. 
Anne had a double mastectomy on Jan 30, 2023. The outpouring of support from friends, church, and cancer organizations has been tremendous.  The meals were a godsend when you are running to countless doctor appointments almost every day for weeks after the surgery.  Organizations like Rhino’s foundation ( and River Falls Sunshine Fund both helped us without any request being made. We will be supporting organizations like them that help people out during their time of need.  The amount of progress that has been made fighting cancer is fantastic and we want to help continue the fight.

The Tonka Way

Our Process

Distilled 9 Times for a smooth robust taste

100% Gluten Free

Tonka Vodka is 100% gluten free

Made in the USA

Tonka Vodka is Proudly made in the USA

Tonka Vodka is an award winning vodka artfully crafted from the purest water and the finest grain. Distilled 9 Times for a crisp palate and silky finish!